Simplicity is the new Luxury “Living without Walls”

To create awareness that the best things in life are free to be experienced and cherished forever.

Escape Nomade is not merely a tented living and resort concept; it is a revolutionary perspective in the luxury hospitality with a genuine commitment to the environment and local community, commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

o To contribute to the enhancement and conservation of nature and biodiversity
o Conserve and educate, give financial security to the local people and respect their heritage
o Take responsible action on the part of tourists and the tourism industry
o Consume renewable resources only

“Living Without Walls” is living beyond luxury in harmony with nature, giving you the feeling of well-being and freedom.

When she was asked: “What are the draw backs of living in a tent”, she replied: “Addiction”…I would not live any other way anymore. No other place I can go to find such harmony and peace. It is my home!

Anneke van Waesberghe

It is hard to get her to go out anywhere to visit friends or family. Going to her projects in remote areas in rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries and small islands around Indonesia is what she loves to do, traveling on small boats or planes into the unknown to make the dreams of her clients come true.

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