The Company

Pillow detailPT. Esprite Nomade a fast growing company directed by a dynamic creative team based in Bali. Escape Nomade the company’s brand name is focused on products that facilitate, and are in the spirit of a Nomadic lifestyle. They are determined to put their brand Escape Nomade on the map of the international new luxury goods market. As to reach their goal, they do not compete with the old world luxury brands, but make its users jump that ship to belong to that new world that is evolving, as conscious living and ethical and social responsibility have become today’s lifestyle where simplicity is the new luxury.
Their business is based on a new model where transparancy is key and working is not only to make money. It is to be a safe haven in the jungle where the people who are following the Escape Nomade lifestyle safari feel the comfort of being part of a family that cares.
Its brand Escape Nomade maintains a competitive edge through constant new designs and experiences as way of life. They re-invest much of the rewards of their work in the development of new ideas that follow their principles and concept, their vision and mission. Experience stepping back in time when the natural environment and all of its grandeur were not taken for granted.

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