Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Escape Nomade tents have a romantic flair and an atmosphere that give you the feeling you are stepping back in time; back in the times when the natural environment and all its grandeur were still taken for granted. We are focused on products that facilitate, and are in the spirit of a nomadic lifestyle and consider ethical and social responsibility as a core part of our business. These knock-down, portable and multi-functional homes offer you the opportunity to live in remote areas, and give the flexibility to go deep into nature when accompanied with independent energy and water supply systems. These intelligent future friendly tent designs leave a safe and healthy footprint, and are exemplary to environmentally responsible developers.

  • Fabric Grade A:  For the roofs. – Limited Warranty 5 years, waterproof, colorfast, UV-protective and dirt repellent. 
  • Frames from Certified steel powder coated.


1.     Water-resistant

Our fabric is coated on one side with an anti-fungal, UV-resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its water- resistant properties Our fabric is particularly suitable for permanent installations with high exposure to climate changes and pollution.

It is designed primarily for retail, hotels and catering outfits. It is also a state-of-the-art solution for particularly demanding home owners.

2.     Self-Cleaning

Our fabric received the “Self-Cleaning, inspired by nature” certificate. The tests performed to obtain this certificate rely on European standards and prove the full performance and efficiency of the new Permaclean self-cleaning treatment.

3.     Easy to clean

The microscopic structure of the plant surface, covered with numerous super hydrophobic small bumps of the order of several microns, allows its leaves never to be wet. Instead, the drops of water keep rolling on the surface of the leaf, carrying with them debris, insects and dust.

Therefore, the Permaclean finish contains nanoparticles that, once applied on the fabric, assemble to form an extremely dense protective layer that keeps dirt on the surface. Rain or simple rinsing is sufficient to clean the fabric.



Our tents are made for permanent living and can be lived in as long as in a house when it is well maintained, the same what you do when you own a house. The guarantee on fabrics (for Grade A fabric ) is 5 years. To fully enjoy the guarantee, we can prepare a maintenance contract which you can acquire. This will help you keep the tents in perfect condition. Once a year, after the first year we will come with a team to check the frames, the fabrics and clean the surfaces and interiors and re-train the staff how to take maintain the tents. Ask for the package.


  • The tent  includes a powder coated metal frame and imported high quality textile
  • Wooden poles for the canopy’s and bamboo covers for the supporting poles
  • Video and set up instructions


  • Platforms, decks, electrical and plumbing
  • Doors and interiors are ordered separately
  • Shipping. All prices are ex works, Ubud. Bali
  • Installation



  • Interior decoration, accessories and amenities can be selected from our extensive pricelist of campaign style multi functional furniture and stackable accessories

Safety Features (Extra):

  • Sliding doors; lock the bedroom with a regular lock and wooden floor lock for extra safety feeling. For personal tent living this is recommended, when for a hotel with security it is not necessary. The cost for anything wood and doors is not included in the price.  Locker: The leather/rattan trunks have a lock and you can use them as a safety box for valuables such as passports, money and bankcards, cameras, laptops. These can be ordered separately
  • We have  a metal fireproof cabinet available  and can be ordered separately
  • The front and back doors can be made of Balinese wooden doors same as we have done.

Standard Safety Features (Included):

  • The canvas panels are attached to the floor by means of a wooden stick.
  • The metal poles are covered with Bamboo and are lined with a panel holder with a zipper attached to the panel.

Water and Septic:

  • To be connected to public works or build own well and septic tank. Bathroom and toilet function the same as in a regular home. We do recommend composting toilets and grey water systems to conserve water and energy.

Air Conditioning and Heating:

  • Can be built in same as in a regular house, and buying and installing the units are the responsibility of the owner and his/her contractor


  • Cement with tiled floors have to be built and the responsibility of the owner and his/her contractor
  • Wooden floors are available can be ordered  from us
  • Can be built in same way as in a regular house
  • Before start building the deck we provide you with the drawings for the foundation of the metal pipes. These pipes we deliver and are for the supporting tent poles.


  • Prices are ex-factory and for export there is no tax added
  • Include 10% PPN

Other qualities:

  • Earth quake resistant
  • No Building Permit needed. Depending on your building codes, but usually there is a min. size and the amount of time it takes to set it up or take it down. Check with your local authorities.


  • Esprite Nomade designs and manufactures tents that can be used to live in. We are not home builders. The tents are made of the best quality materials, are knock down, and the wooden platforms and interiors can be bought at the same time or separately. The basic infra structure such as electricity, water and alternative flooring must be installed by the client.


  • We can provide a set up team at a fixed rate of $ 500. – per tent plus travel and expenses, special rates apply for resorts over 5 tents.
  • On request we can design a maintenance contract for you where our team comes in.

General Information:

  • There is a guarantee of 5 years on Grade A fabrics for the same roof fabric.  The guarantee is from the Fabric manufacturer and passed on to the buyer.
  • The tents will have a long lifetime if maintained properly, the same way one takes care of a house. Care instructions are available and should be followed up in order to profit from the guarantee.


  • Extra panels, curtains, systems and accessories can be ordered separately and shipped to you from our factory in Bali.
  • Separate panels and roof top can be ordered and shipped separately
  • Ask us for the pricelist of the separate elements

Delivery time:

  • We can make 2 tent frames per month. Total order including making the panels, roofs and interiors 2 months. Shipping time depends on the location. To Europe and US usually 6 weeks. In case of a special order for fabric color it takes 6 -8 weeks to receive the fabrics and has to be added to the delivery time. Once you order the tent we can give you the delivery date


  • To replace the panels, ask for the pricelist, you order and we ship. For installation just follow the instructions.


  • The roofs are self cleaning and need to be dusted once a month in order to keep the same fresh look as day one. We include a set of brushes, dusters and brooms and cleaning instructions in the shipment.  To set up the tents we include scaffolding, which later on you can use for maintenance. The side panels can be cleaned with 8 cups of water and one cup of sodium carbonate.  Do not scrub severely as that takes out the waterproofness. To keep the fresh look, every 4-6 months clean the panels.  Some panels might not need it. Apply with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. Think of it as washing your windows you only need to do that every 4 – 6 months!


Do not place the tent under a tree unless you want to clean the leaves from the roofs on a daily basis. Do not select a light color for the roof.



How much do your tents cost?

Our standard sizes have standard prices. Our custom made tents are calculated based on your requirements and the price cannot be quoted per square ft/meter until we know all variables. Pricelists are available on request.

How much does shipping cost?

This will depend entirely on the destination and the method of shipping. Clients are expected to pay all shipping costs. We will assist our clients in identifying suitable shipping agents. There will most likely be costs for brokerage duty and VAT raised at the different port of entries, these are not included in our quotes.

How big are your tents?

Our custom made tents can have any size with increments of 2.50m. or 8.2 feet

Do you have a brochure?

We do not have a printed brochure. Best if you contact us by e-mail so that we can personally assist you with your requirements.

From where do you ship the tents? Where are they made?

Tents are made and shipped directly from our factory in Bali, to any destination port in the world.

What is the ordering process for the tents?

For custom-made tents we discuss the client’s requirements and make conceptual designs. Once agreed and all materials selected, we make a quotation. 50% deposit confirms the order for making the final drawings, 25% payment on starting the production and 25% before shipping. These are signed off by the client and we begin to manufacture the tents. Depending on the complexity of the design we recommend a prototype to be made first. Once the tent is completed at our factory, the client or representative inspects the end product. If this is not possible we can send a series of photographs for the client to approve. We ship the tents and its assembly instructions anywhere in the world.

What happens if a change is requested after the order has gone into production?

If a client changes specifications on a sketch and wants it changed after cutting has started, extra costs will be incurred i.e. relevant labor and material will be charged accordingly.

Do you come and set up the tent once it arrives?

Most tents are fairly straightforward to erect and we will supply clear and concise instructions and the frame work will be numbered for ease of construction. We can also install the tents on location. These costs are not included in the price, and quoted separately.

Do you do site inspections?

Depending on the client’s requirement and description of the area, we would be more comfortable doing site inspections. The client is expected to cover the cost for the site visit.

How long does it take to set-up a tent?

A standard size tent can be set up in 1-3 days depending on the size of the tent.

What is included in standard tent?

  • The metal frames, the bamboo covers for the supporting poles, and the carved poles to support the canopies.
  • The tent roof is made of a high quality waterproof fabric from France and mildew proof, color proof, UV resistant, flame retardant and dirt repellent. There is a factory warranty of 5 years. The trimmings are made from a leather-like material.
  • All side panels that create the inner space of the tent can be made from the same high quality material with its 5 years warranty, and will increase the price of the tent.
  • For the tent standard interior we use a superior local canvas.
  • All prices are quoted based on the high quality roof.
  • Do your tents require a deck for them to be built on?

    Yes. The client design/requirement is what would determine the base of the tent. This can be a wooden deck or a cement floor. We provide the drawings for your contractor. Special designed wooden decks can be ordered from us

    Do the tents have insulation?

    Yes all tent roofs are insulated with a double layer against heat and cold.

    Can tents be air conditioned?

    Air conditioning tents is surprisingly effective. All tents with single roofs can be air conditioned. We provide insulated fabric panels, doors and sliding glass door panels so that the space can be air conditioned or heated. These are available at additional cost.

    How do you heat the tents during a cold winter?


You can heat your tents with electric heaters or stoves.

    How long do the tents last?

    This depends on your own maintenance staff. Generally you can expect a lifespan of up to 10 years. This can be extended if the tents are properly maintained. New roof material is recommended after 5-8 years to regain the fresh look. Side panels can stay longer depending on how well they have been maintained.

    Can the tents handle wind?

    Depending on their size and design our tents do well in strong winds. We tested the tents and they can withstand up to 170 km per hour winds. The roofs are wrapped around the eaves and tied to the main frame and are therefore very strong. In strong windy locations separate canopies are not recommended.

    Can the tents handle heavy rainfall?

    Yes, as our tents have been developed in Bali and been tested under the extreme Ubud rain storms. Rain does not have any influence on tent living, it is the same experience as rain when living in a house, and certainly more romantic.

    How secure are our tents?


We can make them as secure as you need, for example the bedroom can be made of a traditional building material, or surrounded with sliding doors with windows, similar to what we do for air conditioned rooms

    Do you keep stock of your tents?

    No. All our tents are made on order. We have standard sizes which can be produced fairly quickly depending on our production schedule.

    Do you have a show room?

    Yes we have a showroom in Semana, near Ubud in Bali. When you send us your email address we will send you the map, and your call for an appointment will be highly appreciated.

    Is putting the tent away for the season is an option?

    Don’t put it away wet! It should be dried first.
    We can recommend a shipping container or somewhere cool and dry, away from direct heat, to store the tent for the season in case of extreme weather circumstances.