With innovative design engineering, the feeling of safety conceives a new kind of freedom and broadens the appeal of a structural tent that lasts a lifetime versus a traditional tent which has to be set up and taken down for the season. The performance figures of our structural tents reflect the ambitious goals achieved by our engineers.
Our safe and secure luxury semi-permanent tent houses are made of a recyclable solid galvanized steel construction, are easy to set up in one day, knocked down in half a day, ready to be moved to another location, all in one day.
□ Video’s and simple handbooks are provided, and setup teams can be hired.
□ Because of its temporary structure, no building tax or building permit* is required.
□ Production time for a medium size 10 – 20 tent resort is 3 months, and 6 for larger size of 30 – 40 tents.
□ Construction is noiseless and only needed for building the tent platforms* or decks and for landscape design.
□ Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing are the same as for a regular building.
□ Earth quake safe.
Maintenance is very low and the average monthly cost is $ 35.-
□ Luxury tent resorts rents out per tent $ 400 to $ 1200 a night.
□ The interiors include fine linens, furnishings, amenities and accessories which compliment the old luxury of pure simplicity. Folding chairs and tables which can be moved around easily to create a new space for a different function in minutes.
□ The materials used are all in harmony with the function of the tents and made for interior and exterior use and water and mildew proof.
□ Style, engineering, and cozy comfort are reflected in the clever light and folding ergonomics that characterize the entire interior design.
□ Audio systems and LED lighting strips are hidden behind the ceiling fabrics and use as little as 200 watt per tent. Air Conditioning, refrigerator and hairdryer add up to 2000 more watts.
□ Top quality imported materials and architectural textiles are used to guarantee a long tent life:
Yarn = Germany; Zippers = Japan; Panels = Spain; Roof = France; Upholstery = USA
and a total of 80 suppliers from Bali and Java for accessories and customized hardware, using 112 different materials to build our tents.
□ The roof fabric has 4 different layers and is self-cleaning and is mildew, water, UV and color proof, resists harsh climates and the impact of sea salt.
□ A structure of 5 x 7.50 weighs 600 kg .
□ We offer project consulting, maintenance and after sales service, have links to operational expertise and offer assistance with strategic partners to assist you to open a tented hotel or resort.

* With our drawings, tent platforms can be made of concrete on location, or we provide a knock down wooden deck
* Building and construction laws are different in each country and need to be checked

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